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It's been half a year, so fast!!!! What have we done this year? Thanks to the pandemic and Movement Control Order (MCO), we do not have to feel guilty for doing absolutely nothing this year. 😜

Not sure what you have done, but this is what i did ...

Blogged - I have diligently blogged every week this year with certain personal exceptions. It has been a troublesome year but blogging helped me a great deal!

Worked - I'm far from a workaholic but when things got though, working distracted my mind and kept me busy.

Cooked - This is my biggest achievement of the year!

Extracted a tooth - It's a miracle I'm still alive. My tooth was not smiling as shown in the picture, it was an ugly sight. I'm sure you do not want to see it. 

Discovered The Love Of My Life - Frozen Beer .... 🧡

Eating Habits - Revamped my eating habits for good.

Healthwise - Started my Yoga routine, it stays this time.

Seized The Day - Met a few friends before the pandemic. 

Fiesta! - All day everyday party at home with the fam. 
Doesn't seem much but let's do better in the next 6 months and challenge ourselves to focus on the positives instead. As for me, I'm grateful that I got the chance to kick back and relax for a bit with my loved ones. We've got this, people. 💪



This year's Raya is a bit different, with the pandemic bringing down the world. Sadly, most people couldn't even travel back to their respective hometowns to celebrate together with their families.

On the other hand, those who were with their immediate families did not get the opportunity to mingle with their relatives who stay far apart.

As such, this was definitely a very contrasting celebration as opposed to the previous years.

Let me introduce you to some of my friends who lived up to the new norm and celebrated Raya with what they had and what they could in the best way possible:

Atiqah Alia lives in PJ with her lovely family. 
"Basically we Raya with just us 5 family members and our cats, Simba and Dexter. We did not go out at all nor did we receive guests. Started our salam session at 9 am then ate, after that took off our baju raya at 10 am. After that life was pretty much the same. We usually organize open house during the first day of Raya. Usually about 50 people including relatives and friends will come. But not this year. That's pretty much it." - ATIQAH 

Aqilah was apart from her family who are in Perak since she was stuck in KL due to the pandemic. 
"This was during the first day of Raya. My brother (the one wearing songkok) and I were working during the first day of Raya. Cant go back and celebrate with the fam. So we just wished through video call. "- AQILAH 

Alya Aziz (standing 3rd from the right) is studying abroad in New Zealand and could not come back to celebrate Raya this year, so she had to celebrate with her fellow housemates who shared the same fate. 
"Congregational Eid prayers at home this year🌹 Physically far apart from everyone else but certainly spiritually close at heart." - ALYA AZIZ

Nonetheless, all of my friends unanimously agreed on one thing wholeheartedly that this year's Raya was a far cry from what they were used to because they couldn't have their immediate/extended families to visit. But it was still meaningful cause they got to celebrate with their closed and loved ones. 

With that being said, let's be prepared to celebrate all the upcoming festivals with the new norm by keeping in mind the standard operational procedures. 

❤️A Cup Of Zeal wishes its readers a very peaceful and safe Hari Raya! ❤️

COVID - 19 Trends

It has been 2 months plus since our PM announced the lock down and it has gradually shifted to a conditional movement control order (CMCO). 

Not all of us are used to being caged up, in fact most of us are doing our level's best not to be claustrophobic and get used to it day by day with tiny baby steps. 

Even though some of us are working from home, we still have some time to kill since we do not have to travel for work.

With that being said, here are the trends of what we as a world were up to during this pandemic when we were busy saving lives from the comfort of our own home! (What a time to live in) 

In no particular order ... 

Cooking - Those who could cook enhanced their skills while those who had no clue learned to cook. From zero to master chef (myself included). We satisfied our cravings in the safest way possible and with the luxury of the internet, almost anything could be done! 

Dalgona Coffee - is a creamy drink made by whipping up (literally) equal proportions of instant coffee powder, sugar, and hot water until it becomes creamy and then adding it to cold milk. According to your taste buds, you can even top it up with cocoa powder or almost anything you like. We went crazy and all out with our special, home                              made Dalgona Coffee. 

Netflix and Chill? - We did quite a lot of this, at least according to my social media feed. What with so many incredible series and movies such as Money Heist, Extraction, Locke & Key, so goes the list. Stay tuned to my upcoming blog post for this. 

YouTubeCan't deny the fact that we had a gala time watching all our favorite YouTubers, influencers, etc without time limit this time around. My personal favorites are Tanesh and Joshua. Let me know your favorites in the comment section below. :P Even people who did not have a YouTube channel previously are documenting life during lock down by starting their own channel. I'm so happy for them. Good luck guys. <3 

Podcasts - Spotify and many other platforms have an unbelievable collection of podcasts and many of us managed to take advantage of this beauty! There are podcasts about true crime, conspiracy theories, movie critics, sports, horror stories, etc. If you haven't listen to podcasts, its about time! 

TikTok - Even people who swore they would never do a single TikTok in their life caved in during this pandemic. I mean, who could we blame?! At least, they did not harm anybody. The "No Rush" challenge especially was a big hit among the netizens. 

Social MediaIt would be a shame and a lie if I didn't add this to the list. We keep scrolling Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Whatsapp Stories all day and night no matter what. I repeat, NO MATTER WHAT! Oh, and did I forget the social media drama? Hold on, let me grab my popcorn...

Memes + Vaigei Puyal Vadivelu - Yes, I'm Indian and I'm proud of it. But you should know who Vadivelu is because he is a legend! Ask your Indian friends and they shall enlighten you, my friend. We welcome you to the club. :) This combo especially has lighten up my lock down experience, honestly. A big thank you to all the meme creators out there. 

Sugu Pavithra - This is a whole chapter by itself. I will never forgive myself if Sugu Pavithra isn't part of this equation. Mad respect for her, simple cooking and politeness has won the entire Malaysia! Keep rocking, sister. I truly look up to her and I wish her all the greatest things.

She has reached 570K subscribers in such a short time span even though she just started a few months back. Don't worry Sugu Pavithra, we will be with you till you reach greater heights. A true inspiration!

Astro - I'm not quite sure about this, but apart from repeating the same movies we can't deny that we have to be grateful for Astro every once in a while. Although we pay a little too much to watch one or two shows a week, we still thank you Astro. 

So, there goes my list. You can also tell us how you spent your lock down period. C'mon, we are all ears. 


For someone who always faces downfalls in her life, to rise up and achieve my goals in short period of time is not hard at all.

Years of suffering led me to figure out a formula on "How to achieve my short-term or long-term goals easily" and here I am about to share it with you.

First, let me share with you a scenario.

First scenario:

So you're taking a train to go home. Your stop is at Damai but you did not get down at Damai.

Instead, you're always missing your stop. You always end up travelling to Gombak or even Kelana Jaya at times but never at Damai.

Now tell me, how you will ever get to go home if you always miss your stop which is Damai?

Now, think Damai as your life goal, say short-term or long-term.

Stop investing your time by going to Gombak or Kelana Jaya. Put your heart, mind and soul to reach Damai.

Don't get it?

Gombak and Kelana Jaya are the distractions you have in your life. Instead of putting your heart, soul and mind to reach your life goal, if you are investing your time by entertaining the distractions in your life, then how will you ever reach your life goal?


Always have your life goals as your main focus. While still being intact to what you are supposed to do in life (handling distractions), make sure that you are always walking towards your life goals.

Never put a halt to your life goal path then you will never reach home ( you will never reach your life goals).

Most people will be waiting for "The Right Time" to start heading to their life goal. The bitter truth is "The Right Time" will never come. - CJ

So start now and decide what your life goal is. Walk towards it. Reach home my dear pies.


I still remember the date; 17th May 2020 when I was filled with fear that it was all coming to an end a little too soon. My boss requested me to leave the office early and get checked in a government clinic since I was short of breath and had a mild fever. 

I did not think of anything at first, but as time went by the fear of the worst filled my chest. Thankfully, it was just a case of low hemoglobin. I was spared, for the time being at least.  

Albeit, I did not feel too good so I had to take medications to increase the count of my red blood cells which I have been doing like forever. So, the news of lockdown came at the right time because I needed to be nursed back to health. 

I could stay home for only 2 days in a row, maximum before this. 

In a tiny corner of my heart, something sunk because I was not used to staying at home for a long period of time. I had to go out and let off some steam at least once a week. To my knowledge, my maximum capacity of staying home all day was only once a week, twice at most if I had to but no more than that. 

Worrying is my second nature since I am a bit of an over-thinker, there were countless sleepless nights, restless afternoons, I sure was working from home, that was a bit of solace during the day but after that the thoughts would come to feast off me. 

To top it off, the videos of hundreds of people dying due to the pandemic, people who refused to stay home, friends who are working as front liners at the hospital and essential workers at the airport, etc lurked in the fortress of my mind.

I have no idea how I survived, I would just lie in bed, paralyzed with fear of the worst and the next morning I would wake up just in time to shower and start work. 

This went on for a few weeks when something clicked inside of me. Whatever I was doing wasn't helping anyone, not my family, not myself, not others who are risking their lives out there. I decided to start fresh. 

Yoga Mat + Podcasts = Huge Difference
That night, I forced myself to sleep early by listening to some interesting podcast. The next morning, I woke up energized, did some yoga, showered, grabbed breakfast and prayed for the best. 

Positive thoughts = Positive attitude
I kept the positive attitude and when the negatives came with their rifles, I tricked them and confiscated their rifles. They were left unarmed, helpless. 

After work, I would relax with my family members before hitting the sack a couple of hours later. I sure dreaded the lock down at first, I would be lying if I said I did not get all worked up and claustrophobic in the comfort of my own home. 

But I thought about people who have it worse out there, who have no rest, who have no chance of meeting their family, although my heart breaks for them, I can't help but appreciate what I have.  

So, day in and day out my siblings and I would experiment with something new. My sister made dalgona coffee (I know, cliche) we tried making different types of kuih like kuih sago, kuih lapis, we satisfied our cravings by making our own KFC, chicken rice, etc. 

Kuih Sago

Dalgona Coffee

Homemade KFC

Chicken Rice
A new miracle was I learned cooking and I actually enjoyed it, I did things I never had the time to do, organized all my stuff, read a book, got some writing done, spent time with my family, and so many more. It was quite an experiment and a relief all at once. 

What started as a nightmare turned out to be a blessing in disguise. I dealt with my heartbreak by praying for the people I couldn't physically help like our beloved front liners and kept a positive attitude all along. 

To those of you who are reading this; I'm not sure if the pandemic is over yet, but if your family, friends or loved ones are working as front liners, my heart goes out to you, I hope they are fine and will be fine.

A humble request to stay safe, now that the government has relaxed the movement control order, it is up to us to continue being cautious for some more time and be safer than ever. 

Wear masks and gloves at all costs, sanitize your hands every now and then, regularly wash your hands with hand wash as well, do not have close contact with anyone, maintain a safe 1 meter distance in queues, and so goes the list. You know the drill. :)

Happy Ramadan, have a blessed Ramadan that will help you to resist every temptation and win every challenge in life! 

To all my Muslim friends, it goes without saying that this Ramadan is a bit bizarre in comparison to the previous years. Hang in there, everything happens for a reason, celebrate this Raya safely. I'll also take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Ramadan!

This pandemic is a cruel way for anyone to depart, let's protect ourselves and our loved ones in whatever ways we can! Sending you all my love and just remember; You Are Not Alone.